2017 SX-R

The Original Kawasaki Stand-up Watercraft is Back

For over 40 years, Kawasaki Jet Ski® watercraft have supplied high-powered thrills on the water and the new Jet Ski SX-R™ is a continuation of the legacy. With a broad range of four-stroke power and agile rider-active handling, the new Jet Ski SX-R  breathes new life and excitement into the stand-up category. Offering a wide range of riders an unprecedented riding experience, the Jet Ski SX-R is here and ready to reclaim Kawasaki’s status as the king of stand-up watercraft.​


  • ​​1,498cc inline 4- cylinder, 4-stroke engine delivers unprecedented power to weight ratio.
  • Broad torque delivers strong, easy to manage power and excellent off-the-line acceleration​.
  • 3- blade stainless steel impeller and high-efficiency jet pump​ contribute to low cavitation and powerful acceleration.



  • Secure your personal items in the small-item storage compartment located beneath the handle pole.
  • Convenient low fuel and engine warning lights on the handle pole pad.
  • ​Key-operated magnetic ignition switch helps discourage theft.
  • Bilge drain plugs in the hull can be removed quickly and easily to facilitate after-use draining.



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